MOM – Unable to startup MOM service

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Microsoft Operations Manager
Event Category: MOM Server
Event ID: 9029

Description: The Microsoft Operations Manager service (MOMService.exe) was unable to run under the supplied credentials, or the password has expired. If this machine is a Domain Controller, verify that the action account is granted the ability to Log On Locally. Please use the SetActionAccount utility to set an action account which meets the guidelines documented in the Microsoft Operations Manager documentation.


"Microsoft Operations Manager" Error 9029 錯誤訊息裡提到 "MOMService.exe was unable to run under the supplied credentials" 也就是說系統無法使用您設定的帳號啟動 MOM 服務。錯誤的可能包括帳號設定錯誤或是密碼過期。

針對此錯誤訊息針對此問題請您參考 KB 883347 The MOM agent or the MOM server does not start, and event 9029 is logged in Microsoft Operations Manager 2005

我們重新在 MOM 伺服器上執行了以下指令 (重新設定 MOM 服務的帳號跟密碼) 問題就應該可以得到解決:
setactionaccount <mom_group_name> -set <account_name> <domain_netbios_name>

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