Haiku #158

Abracadabra: You can now find your contact. AB Web query.   This past week, a British journalist and self-proclaimed friend of Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling (or “Jo,” as he calls her) reported on an alternate ending to the series that Rowling allegedly considered and then rejected. It’s an … interesting … ending to…


Haiku #117

It’s my party and I’ll send IMs if I want To. Test Group IM.   You know, the one question everyone has been afraid to ask regarding Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Skype is this: how will this venture affect the Lync Server PowerShell Haiku of the Day?   Note. How do we know that this…


Haiku #109

Wednesday? Thursday? Who Cares? It’s always a good day With Test Voice User.   Well, it’s Thursday – again. We say that not because we had another Thursday just a week ago; instead, we say that because, yesterday morning, both of the people who run the Lync Server PowerShell blog thought it was already Thursday….


Haiku #93

How can we turn that Frown upside down? Try running Test Registration.   Hello, and welcome to the 93rd edition of the Lync Server PowerShell daily haiku. Today we had planned on talking about the other Lync Server PowerShell blog author and her propensity for being grouchy all the time. [Note from that other author:…


Haiku #82

To AV or not AV? That’s a question for Test AV conference.   This past weekend the author of today’s haiku was flipping through the TV listings when he noticed at least two shows that were obviously ripping off the plot to the classic movie It’s a Wonderful Life.   Note. That’s the one problem…


Haiku #69

When Irish eyes are Smiling, they must be using CsPhoneBootstrap.   Sure and begorah, ’tis March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, a traditional Irish holiday also celebrated in other countries (such as the good old US of A). Top of the morning to you!   Note. In case you’re wondering, the begorah in the phrase Sure…


Haiku #65

Warning: It might not Rain today. Stay calm and test All your outbound calls.   Just a few minutes ago the author of today’s Lync Server PowerShell haiku checked the weather report. (Which, admittedly, is a silly thing to do when you live in the Seattle area. But he did it anyway.) When he got…


Haiku #50

Hope springs eternal. Let’s hope this is all working. Health monitoring.   The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds, and the pessimist fears this is true.   — James Branch Cabell   By and large, system administrators tend to be pessimists. Is the glass half empty or is the…


Haiku #35

Can you hear me now? Oh. Can you hear me now? Oh. Well, OK, can you —   We’re going to let you in on a little secret here: sometimes (just sometimes, mind you) setting up and maintaining Enterprise Voice, Microsoft’s implementation of the Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, can be a tad bit complicated….


Haiku #25

I just sent you an Instant message. Are you there? Test-CsIM.   The first time the author of today’s haiku ever used email was 20 years ago, when he entered graduate school at the University of Washington.   Note. Actually, we agree with you: it is hard to believe that someone who writes daily Lync…