How To Export Lync Contacts to Excel

Operator, oh could you help me place this call? See, the number on the matchbook is old and faded… – Jim Croce, “Operator (That’s Not the Way it Feels)”     When was the last time you called the telephone operator? Do operators even exist anymore? With your lists of contacts in your cell phone,…


Make This a Priority

Whether we realize it or not, we prioritize just about everything we do throughout the day. It starts when we wake up in the morning: Do I sleep a little longer or do I get up so I can get to work on time? (That’s probably the toughest one right there.) When we get to…


Counting Retrieved Data

Why Can’t I Get a Count of My Dial Plans?   Not too long ago we got an email from someone who had encountered a strange problem when working with Lync Server PowerShell:   “I was just trying to get a count of things,” he wrote. “Sometimes I could do that and sometimes I couldn’t….


How to Find That Setting

Submitted by Edwin Young, Microsoft   Microsoft Lync Server 2010 is a pretty complicated product, and has quite a lot of different options that can be configured. One problem you’ll run into while getting started is working out where the option is that you’re looking for.   Let’s say that in preparation fro an upcoming all-hands…


Enabling a User for Microsoft Lync Server 2010

Throughout the world, tribes, clubs, organizations, and other groups of like-minded people often require newcomers to be initiated before they can become members in good standing of that tribe, club, or organization. For example, the infamous Skull and Bones club at Yale reportedly makes newcomers chant the following “death mantra” over and over again:  “The…


Unassigning a Policy

OK, so the good news is this: following our guide to Assigning Policies, you’ve managed to successfully assign a new client policy to all the users in an OU. Congratulations!  Now here’s the bad news: as it turns out, there’s at least one user in that OU (the ubiquitous Ken Myer) who shouldn’t have been…


Looking Up the Default Values for a Policy

You know, those of us who work here at Microsoft only care about one thing: freedom of choice. (Well, OK, two things: freedom of choice, and buying a new Jaguar every time the current one hits the 1,000 mile mark.) For instance, when you install Microsoft Lync Server 2010, we helpfully provide default policies and…


Limiting the Number of Contacts a User Can Have

Having friends – lots of friends – is great. For example, on Facebook actor Ashton Kutcher has 3,367,035 friends; his wife, actress Demi Moore, has 1,292,835 friends of her own. (Sending out Christmas cards must be a full-time job at their house.) By comparison, PowerShell writer Jean Ross has 21 friends. As for PowerShell writer…


Resetting a Policy

When we first started working with the Microsoft Lync Server 2010 implementation of Windows PowerShell , we did a series of presentations for Technology Adoption Program (TAP) customers. After we finished doing our first talk we asked if anyone had any questions. The first question we were asked was this: “How can I reset a…


How Can I Configure the Telephony Options for a User?

For the most part, there’s a pretty close tie between the items found in the Lync Server Control Panel and the parameters and property values used in Microsoft Lync Server 2010’s implementation of Windows PowerShell. For example, take a look at the following table, which compares the item labels used in the Edit Meeting Configuration…