Haiku #167

Friends, Romans, country Men. I come to tell you of Inter region routes.   OK, you ready for this? Here goes:   Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft-interred with their bones. So let…


Haiku #156

Mom says that we have To tell everyone about Policy profiles.   We thought we’d try something a little different today: today we’re going to randomly select one of the many emails sent in by our devoted readers and see if we can answer the reader’s question by writing a haiku; this is our way…


Lync Server Admin Guide: Configuring Your Network

  This article is part of the Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Administration Guide: PowerShell Supplement.   Enabling Call Admission Control   To enable CAC   To enable Call Admission Control, use the Set-CsNetworkConfiguration cmdlet and set the EnableBandwidthPolicyCheck parameter to True:   Set-CsNetworkConfiguration –Identity global –EnableBandwidthPolicyCheck $True   To disable Call Admission Control, set the…


Haiku #150

Happy birthday! We Hope you will enjoy these cool Network cmdlets.   We’d like to start off today’s haiku by wishing our fellow Lync Server PowerShell blog writer a happy birthday. Like we said, we’d like to start of today’s haiku that way. However, the blog writer in question specifically told us “Whatever you write…


Haiku #147

We whistle while we Work. Why? Because of Network Configuration.   As the author of today’s haiku was climbing the stairs this morning, he noticed a series of signs – one at each floor – that read:   PLEASE DO NOT WHISTLE IN THE STAIRWAYS. IT DISTURBS THE PEOPLE IN NEARBY OFFICES.   The author…


Haiku #140

The bandwidth service Settings: They aren’t real flashy, But at least they work   Well, it’s Monday again, but this Monday is different: this promises to be a great week. How do we know that? Well, yesterday was an almost-nice-day here in the great Pacific Northwest, so the author of today’s haiku and his wife…


Haiku #134

Together at last: Microsoft and Google, and Network region links.   Remember that big thing about Microsoft buying Skype? Well, you can forget that. Here’s something even bigger: Microsoft has bought Google!   Or maybe Google has bought Microsoft; to be honest, the details are a little hazy. All the author of today’s haiku knows…


Haiku #129

No sooner said than Done: That’s the CS network Subnet cmdlets.   A lot of people – most notably their managers – wonder what the authors of the Lync Server PowerShell blog actually do during the course of the day. Well, this morning, the author of today’s haiku spent his time trying to break the…


Haiku #123

Don’t thank us; instead Thank CS Network Region. But thank us, too. Please?   Before we get started this morning, we’d like to take a moment to salute ourselves for today’s haiku, the 100th in our series of daily Lync Server PowerShell haikus. We feel that this unprecedented achievement will prove to be –  …


Haiku #113

A horse walks into A bar and says “Hey, give me A site policy.”   Just the other day the author of today’s haiku read the following joke:   A turtle walks into a police station and tells the officer at the desk that three snails have just robbed him. “Three snails?” said the policeman….