How To: Create a GUI Application with PowerShell

  If you want to see an example of a GUI application created in Windows PowerShell, take a look at the Lync Server Deleteomatic. If you want to learn how to use PowerShell to create your own Deleteomatic, or any other type of GUI application, read this article. We’ll take you through step-by-step.   This…


Creating Your Own GUI Application

Creating Your Own GUI Application (Création de Votre Propre Application GUI)     This might come as a shock to many of you, but there was a time – a time long, long ago – when people didn’t have cell phones. What could that even mean not to have cell phones? Well, for one thing,…


The Deleteomatic

  It slices, it dices, it purees, it…well, no, it doesn’t actually do any of those things. What it does is delete, and what it is is the Lync Server Deleteomatic. We’ve create a graphical user interface with PowerShell that you can use to delete objects, such as policies and configuration settings, from Lync Server….


The Lync Server Deleteomatic

Have Fun and Delete Things, Too: The All-New Lync Server Deleteomatic     Between the Lync Server Management Shell, the Lync Server Control Panel, and all the assorted Lync Server Resource Kit tools you’re probably thinking, “You know, I already have all the Lync Server management tools I could ever need.” But guess what? If…


Interested in Working for the Lync Server Team?

OK, so if you could have your absolute dream job, what would it be?   Wow, that really would be a great job, wouldn’t it? Listen, if you decide not to apply for that, could you let us know? Thanks!   Let’s rephrase our original question: if you couldn’t get your absolute dream job then…


Download the Lync Server Admin Guide PowerShell Supplement

Some of the writers on the Lync PowerShell blog have been accused at times of not being very good listeners. And when we say “some” of the writers we mean one of the writers has been accused of that – mostly by the other writer. But today we both decided to listen. Not to each…


Lync Server PowerShell September 2011 Wrap-Up

    For those of you who were following our Haiku of the Day, you know that the haiku writer spent a month hiking and biking around Park City, Utah. Now that he’s back, he has absolutely nothing to say and so has stopped writing the daily haiku.   Okay, that’s not entirely true. He…


Haiku #194

Turn out the lights, the Party’s over: today’s our Last haiku (for now).   Today is a very auspicious, and somewhat sad, occasion: it marks, for the moment anyway, the end of the Lync Server PowerShell Haiku of the Day. (Trust us, we thought this day would never come, either.) Believe it or not, by…


Haiku #193

If a tree falls in The forest then it’s his fault. Device update rules.   Here’s something that will shock you: the author of today’s haiku is a cold-blooded killer.   Note. Really? OK. We just thought that would shock you.   As it turns out, yesterday the author of today’s haiku printed out a…


Haiku #192

Seahawk football? Thanks. But we’ll just play with voice route Cmdlets instead.   Well, autumn officially arrived in the Pacific Northwest this past weekend. How do we know that? Well, for one thing, the weekend was cold and damp, which is – well, never mind; come to think of it, it’s pretty much always cold…