Interested in Working for the Lync Server Team?

OK, so if you could have your absolute dream job, what would it be?


Wow, that really would be a great job, wouldn't it? Listen, if you decide not to apply for that, could you let us know? Thanks!


Let's rephrase our original question: if you couldn't get your absolute dream job then what job would you like to have? That's the answer we were looking for: you'd want to work for the Microsoft Lync Server team, the same team that produces, well, Microsoft Lync Server. Of course, who wouldn't want to work for the Lync Server team, who wouldn't want the chance to help produce the next version of the coolest, most-innovative piece of software on the planet? (Or planets, for that matter: we don't think they have anything on Mars that compares with Lync Server.) But let's be honest: what are the odds that you could get the chance to work on the Lync Server team? After all, a high-powered team like the Lync Server team probably doesn't even advertise when it has open positions; instead, it probably goes around the world and handpicks only the best and the brightest.


Present company excepted, of course.


Amazing enough, however, that's not how Lync Server does things: not only do we advertise our open positions, but at this very moment we're advertising three open positions! If all goes well, that means that you really could come work for the Lync Server team.


Which, in all seriousness, would be way cool.


So what three positions do we have available? For starters, the manageability team (the team that, among other things, is responsible for Lync Server's implementation of Windows PowerShell) is looking for a pair of software development engineers. Those engineers will help to "… build the tools used to keep the service running, automatically reimage and redeploy servers, and manage a complex global deployment from a single console." If that's not a dream job, well, we don't know what is.


Of course, there is a catch: qualified applicants " … need to write reliable, readable, rock-solid code in C#, PowerShell, SQL and C++, and interface with WDS, AD, numerous SQL servers, Windows Workflow, Azure and many more." Wow. But if that sounds like you, and you think you might be interested, you can find more information about the two positions here:





Note. If these jobs are so great then why haven't the authors of the PowerShell blog snapped them up? Perhaps you missed this part: qualified applicants must " … write reliable, readable, rock-solid code in C#, PowerShell, SQL and C++, and interface with WDS, AD, numerous SQL servers, Windows Workflow, Azure and many more." In other words, to work on the Lync Server team, you actually need to know what you're doing.


Present company excepted, of course.


If software development isn't your thing then maybe you'd be interested in our third opening: Software Engineer II. If you're wondering what a Software Engineer II does, well, a Software Engineer II helps to " … support Service Deployment, Activation, Administration, Troubleshooting, Root Cause Analysis, User Management, Monitoring and Optimization." If you like getting your hands dirty, and if you'd like to really know how Lync Server works, then this is the job for you.


And yes, as a matter of fact you do need to be qualified to do this job, too; among other things, this position "… requires strong technical knowledge and advance skills in ADFS, LDAP, ADSI, Kerberos/ NTLM / Certificate authentication, PowerShell Scripting, DNS, SIP, TCP/IP, and other network protocols."  If you have those skills, well, we can't think of a more interesting, and more challenging, environment in which to put those skills to the test.


You say you'd like more information on this position? All you had to do was ask:




We strongly encourage everyone to take a look at the job postings and see what you think; if you think "Wow, I would love to have this job," well, you can apply right online. (Just get a fresh copy of your resume our and then click the button that's somewhat-mysteriously labeled Apply to job.) If you'd like more information about the positions then drop us a note at We can't promise that we'll be able to answer every question, but we'll do our best. And on your first day of work here, we'll take you out for a cup of coffee, on us!


What do you mean "And a doughnut?" Tell you what: get the job first, and then we'll go from there.





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