Download the Lync Server Admin Guide PowerShell Supplement

Some of the writers on the Lync PowerShell blog have been accused at times of not being very good listeners. And when we say “some” of the writers we mean one of the writers has been accused of that – mostly by the other writer. But today we both decided to listen. Not to each other, of course, but to you, our devoted readers.


In July we posted the Lync Server Administration Guide: PowerShell Supplement to this blog. We did this because the Lync Server Administration Guide, although a very useful thing to have, didn’t have a lot of PowerShell in it. So we decided to show you how you can do all the things in the Admin Guide by using PowerShell. And people seemed to appreciate that. But here’s where the listening came in: As nice as it is to have this supplemental information posted on a blog, we were told it would be even nicer to provide it in one nice, neat, downloadable document. We agreed, which is why you can now download the Lync Server Administration Guide: PowerShell Supplement as a Microsoft Word document.


Did we hear applause out there somewhere? See, our hearing is getting better all the time. (We’re still working on the listening.)



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  1. alex says:

    applause! thanks to it!

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