Lync Server PowerShell September 2011 Wrap-Up



For those of you who were following our Haiku of the Day, you know that the haiku writer spent a month hiking and biking around Park City, Utah. Now that he’s back, he has absolutely nothing to say and so has stopped writing the daily haiku.


Okay, that’s not entirely true. He did stop writing the daily haiku, but only because he ran out of Lync Server cmdlet nouns. Will the Haiku of the Day begin again if and when Lync Server releases new cmdlets? Well, we’ll have to think about that one. It depends on whether anything interesting is going on in the haiku writer’s life at the time. (Which makes the prospect doubtful.)


In the meantime, haikus for all the cmdlets that shipped with Lync Server 2010 are available to you in the Haiku Archive.



Tip of the Month


Need help with using a Lync PowerShell cmdlet? Of course, you can always type Get-Help at the command prompt, like this:


Get-Help New-CsVoicePolicy –Full


But this is the help that originally shipped with the product. We’ve made a few updates since then. If you want the most up-to-date help available, you need to go to the web. Here’s an easy way to do that:


Get-Help New-CsVoicePolicy –Online


Assuming you have an Internet connection, this command takes you straight to the updated help on TechNet for the cmdlet of your choice (in this case, New-CsVoicePolicy).



What Happened at the Lync Server PowerShell Blog in September


To be honest, very little happened in the blog in September. About all we did was post haikus for the final 13 Lync Server cmdlet nouns:



·         CsStaticRoutingConfiguration

·         CsDatabase

·         CsUserAcp

·         CsOutboundTranslationRule

·         CsVoiceConfiguration

·         CsClientVersionPolicyRule

·         CsCertificateConfiguration

·         CsTrustedApplicationComputer

·         CsRgsWorkflow

·         CsClientPolicy

·         CsVoiceRoute

·         CsDeviceUpdateRule

·         CsCertificate



From the Community


Here are some things from elsewhere in the Windows PowerShell and Lync Server world:


Automatically enable users in a particular OU for Lync 2010

From Akshat N, a blog post the presents a “quick and dirty way” to schedule a task that will automatically Lync-enable any users in an OU who have not yet been enabled.


PowerShell V3 and Updateable Help

If you haven’t taken a peek at what’s happening with Windows PowerShell v3, here’s an interesting little feature discussed on Thomas Lee’s blog. This doesn’t have anything to do with Lync Server 2010, but it never hurts to see what’s going on in the world of PowerShell in general.








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