Lync Server PowerShell August 2011 Wrap-Up


A long time ago, in a job far, far away, we used to send out a monthly newsletter to our subscribers that recapped what we’d done on our web site for the month and sometimes even provided a look ahead at what was coming. But, with progress comes change, and progress in this case means we can no longer send out monthly newsletters. So, here’s our version of the monthly newsletter: a blog post.


But hey, it’s not just any blog post. It’s a recap of what you might have missed here on the Lync Server PowerShell blog during the month of August if you weren’t paying close attention. We’d say it also includes what’s coming in September, but we’re not entirely clear on that just yet, so we’ll have to keep you in suspense.



What Happened at the Lync Server PowerShell Blog in August


An In-Depth Guide to Conferencing Policy Settings

Per-organizer and per-user settings for conferencing policies were making people’s heads spin. That was a little creepy so we decided to try to put a stop to it with this collection of articles.


Continue an Instant Messaging Conversation

We had already published an article about sending an instant message from a script. This article expands on that by allowing you to continue a conversation that you’d already started rather than starting a new one every time.


Haiku of the Day

We were on vacation this month, so we only managed to get out 18 new haikus rather than the typical 20-25. Sorry about that.


Here are the nouns for the cmdlets we covered this month:


·         CsLegacyConfiguration

·         CsAnnouncementFile

·         CsLisCivicAddress

·         CsNetworkInterRegionRoute

·         CsHostedVoicemailPolicy

·         CsIssuedCertId

·         CsApplicationServer

·         CsRgsPrompt

·         CsVoiceNormalizationRule

·         CsSimpleUrlEntry

·         CsSimpleUrl

·         CsConferencingPolicy

·         CsWebServer

·         CsConferencingConfiguration

·         CsProxyConfiguration

·         CsComputer

·         CsNetworkMediaBypassConfiguration

·         CsAllowedDomain



From the Community


Here are some things from elsewhere in the Windows PowerShell and Lync Server world:


A History of the Microsoft Scripting Guys

Who would have guessed that Greg Stemp, the not-so-famous Lync Server PowerShell blog writer, was once the very famous Scripting Guy? Yes, it’s true, Greg was the creator of the Scripting Guys and the Script Center. Find out how it all began in this article by Don Jones.


Viewing and Reverting Default Global Policy Settings in Lync Server

This article, by Tim Harrington, explains how to reset global policies to their default values.


Tutorial: Test-CsAddressBookService (Lync Server 2010 PowerShell Cmdlet)

Desmond Lee walks you through how to use the Test-CsAddressBookService cmdlet to, well, test your Address Book service.



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