NEW: More Fun with the Lync SDK


So far we’ve written a couple of articles on using the Lync 2010 SDK to write scripts that will retrieve your list of contacts and will send an instant message. Initially we weren’t sure how many people would try out these scripts, but as it turns out they’ve been pretty popular. (By “popular” we mean that at least one person has tried at least one of the scripts.) How do we know these articles are popular? Well, we actually got a request to expand on one of the scripts. So we did.


In the new article Continue an Instant Messaging Conversation, we’ve taken the “Send an Instant Message” script and expanded on it. Instead of creating a new IM conversation every time the script is run, the script first checks to see whether a particular conversation already exists. If it does, it adds a message to the existing conversation; if it doesn’t, it creates a new one.


If there’s a second, or even – could it be? – a third or fourth person out there reading this, let us know what you think and what else you’d like to see.



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