One of These Things is Not Like the Others: Challenge 12


So is it really possible to have too much excitement in a single day? We're about to find out.


As you probably know, tonight (April 4, 2011) is the championship in the NCAA men's basketball tournament (Connecticut vs. Butler, tipoff at 6:23 PM Pacific Daylight Time). That, of course, would typically be more than enough excitement for any one day. However, in addition the NCAA championship game, today is also the day that we unveil the 12th installment in the weekly Lync Server PowerShell Challenge. Too many thrills and chills, and way too much excitement and suspense, for just one day? We're about to find out.


Note. Please consult with your physician before attempting the weekly Lync Server PowerShell Challenge. People with high blood pressure, low pressure, normal blood pressure, or any other type of blood pressure should send their solution to this week's challenge (along with an explanation of why you think that is the solution to this week's challenge) to


Do not operate heavy machinery while attempting the Lync Server PowerShell Challenge. If you require more than 4 hours to come up with a solution to the challenge do not contact your doctor; he or she probably won't know the answer, either.


Got all that? Good; then that means it's time for this week's Challenge. Which of the following Lync Server PowerShell commands is not like the others:


Remove-CsClientVersionPolicy –Identity global

Remove-CsClientVersionPolicy –Identity site:Redmond

Remove-CsClientVersionPolicy –Identity RedmondUserPolicy

Remove-CsClientVersionPolicy –Identity


Good luck, and we'll look forward to hearing from you. Should you experience a sudden decrease or loss of vision while attempting the Lync Server PowerShell Challenge, try taking your sunglasses off; that always seems to help us.


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