New Script: Retrieve Lync Connection Information

Quite a while ago we published a script we received from Nick Smith and Scott Stubberfield that lists connections to registrar pools. (And more recently we published updates to that script, one for direct connections and one for remote access.) One of the nicest things about Windows PowerShell is that you can take bits and pieces from one script to help you create another. And that’s exactly what Tracy Cerise did. Tracy used the database connection information from Nick and Scott’s script to create a new script that retrieves Microsoft Lync connection information. Here’s Tracy’s description of what this script does:


“Program to pull Lync connection information.  This program will pull complete information across all frontend servers in a pool.  It can also be used to find specific connection information on an individual user by supplying the user's sip address.  The parameter for the pool to access for connection information can be pre-populated so it doesn't have to be passed on the command line.”


Seems pretty useful to us, we’re sure some of you will find it pretty useful too.


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