New Haiku (Cmdlet-a-Day) Archive

If you’ve been following this blog at all you’ve probably seen the Haiku of the Day. Or you’ve at least heard of it – whether or not you’ve actually taken a look at it is another matter. And, what you may or may not be aware of, is that the Haiku of the Day is much more than just a haiku. The haiku is simply to call your attention to a particular set of Lync Server PowerShell cmdlets. It’s a great way to ease yourself into learning about all of the 500+ cmdlets that are part of Lync Server.


So, showing you one set of cmdlets a day is great, but what happens if you miss a day? Yes, we’ve had an archive where you can find Haiku #47 or Haiku #12, so if you know which ones you’ve missed you’re in good shape. But what if you got busy on random days and don’t remember which ones you missed and which ones you’ve already read? Or, even better, what if you want to look back at one that had some information you found useful?


Well, we’ve finally come up with an archive that’s a little more helpful. We’ve listed the cmdlets that are the topic of each haiku and not only listed them in the order they were published, but we’ve also categorized them. Looking for an introduction to the IM and Presence cmdlets? That’s easy to find. How about Archiving and Monitoring? Yep, those too.


So take a look, browse around, and come back whenever you need a refresher. New cmdlets (and of course new haikus) are being added daily.

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