New Article: So What’s the Deal With the Three Dots?

Have you ever been just playing around in the Lync Server Management Shell, Get-ting this and Get-ting that to see what you could find? And in doing so, have you ever run across output like this?


Prefixes           : {callto:, file:, ftp., ftp:...}


So what is the deal with those three dots at the end of the output? In the article very appropriately titled So What's the Deal With the Three Dots? we explain what those three dots are. Not to spoil the article for you, but they indicate that there’s more information than what you’re currently seeing on the screen. But don’t worry, we didn’t just give away the ending, there’s more. The article actually explains how to get the rest of that information. And we even give you choices on how to do that.


How’s that for service?


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