New: Policies Article and Response Group Script

Today is Thursday, and it's a very special day. Why is it special? Well, if you were a glass-half-full kind of person you wouldn't need to ask -- every day is special. But for the rest of us we need a better reason than that. So today we have one. As a matter of fact, we have several.


First: The sun is shining here in Redmond. In February. On a Thursday. Pretty amazing. (Yes, it would be more amazing if it were shining on a Saturday, but we’re happy to see it at all.)


Second: We have a new article for you today: Getting Rid of Policies You Thought You Already Got Rid Of. (Catchy title, isn’t it? We worked hard on that.) Removing policies can be a little tricky, especially policies that have already been assigned to users. This article tells you everything you need to know about removing user policies.


Third: We have a new script for you: Prepare for Response Group Restore. When you backup your Response Group configuration then attempt to restore it, you’ll receive errors if the Active Directory contacts are still in place. This script shows you those contacts and, if you want, will delete them for you before you restore your configuration.


Oh, and just in case you missed it, Wednesday was pretty spectacular too. We announced our new series by Christopher Wallick, Snippets from the Shell. Admittedly it’s not quite a series yet, since we’ve only just started, but there will be more soon, so check back.


Wow, makes you wonder what Friday will bring, doesn’t it? Or, maybe Monday….


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