Monday at the Lync Server PowerShell blog

In case you haven't stopped by to visit us here at the Lync Server PowerShell blog lately, we just wanted to let you know that we're usually pretty busy Monday mornings. For example, here’s how things went this morning:


The Lync Server PowerShell blog writers got into work bright and early (early anyway, maybe not so bright) and sat down to eat donuts. (Hey, first things first.)


After making sure they had their energy up, Writer A (we’ll call him “Greg”) and Writer B (we’ll call her “Writer B”) then went straight to work. “On what?” you ask. (We know, you didn’t ask, but we’re sure you were just being polite.) They went to work on the weekly One of These Things is Not Like the Others Challenge.


Don’t be shy, go ahead and ask: “What does that involve?” Well, it involves things like, oh, actually writing up a new Challenge; looking through the Challenge entries from the past week and updating the Challenge Scores; writing updates for the Un-Blog Home Page, the Challenge Home Page, and the Challenge Archive; and, last but not least, writing the Challenge Answer.


When all that’s done they can sit back and relax…


Oops, hang on. Now we have to write the Daily Haiku


And so it goes. Now, was this story written to impress you with how busy we are every Monday morning? No. (We know this is a tough crowd.) What we really want you to know is that every Monday morning this is what you’ll find here:


Daily Haiku (this is actually here every day, thus the “Daily” part of “Daily Haiku”)

New Weekly Challenge

Answer to Last Week’s Challenge


So if you haven’t been stopping by at least once a week (and in the case of the haiku, at least once per day) you’re missing out. (Can you believe you’ve been missing something every single day? Maybe that’s what that eerie feeling is you’ve been experiencing.)


And yes, there’s even more here than haikus and challenges. But if you show up for those you’ll also see all the new scripts and articles we have for you. See, even more reason to stop by.


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