Daily Lync Server PowerShell Haikus

Looking for something new to start your day? Each morning, sit down with a cup of coffee (orange juice, tea, or other beverage will also work), and take a look at the daily Lync Server PowerShell haiku. Not only will you see that it actually is possible to write a haiku about Lync Server PowerShell, but you might also learn a little something.

Lync Server PowerShell Haiku of the Day (add this to your Favorites)

View past Lync Server PowerShell Haikus (in case you missed any along the way)

We'll have a new one every day. Well, every day that isn't a weekend, or a holidy, or a vacation day, or a sick day.... We'll have a new haiku almost every day. And we'll try to let you know when we're going to miss one so you can plan ahead to do something else with your morning.

Oh, and in case you're looking for other interesting things to do, be sure to check out the Lync Server PowerShell Fun Zone. We have one game there so far, we'll be adding more as time goes on.

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