Special Lync Server PowerShell Blog Launch Event

We’re assuming you all attended (at least virtually) the big launch event for Lync Server 2010. Well, okay, so maybe not everybody attended. But thanks to the magic of Internet videos, you can watch it at your leisure. (Or if you did attend, you can relive the magic over and over and over….)


So now you’re probably thinking “The fun is over, now I just have to sit around and wait for the actual product to be released. I guess I’ll get back to my regular work now.” If that’s what you’re thinking, that would be a big mistake. The fun is just beginning. No Lync Server 2010 launch event would be complete without a subsequent Lync Server PowerShell Blog launch event. And here it is.


If you’re waiting for the live videos and celebrity guests, you’re going to be waiting a while. Some may disagree, but we think that what we have is even better.


All right, not better. But we do have, well, something. Okay, now here it is:


OCS 2007 R2 to PowerShell UI Mapping. Let’s start with some serious business. If you’ve been working with Office Communications Server 2007 R2, this new section of the blog will help you transition to Lync Server 2010 by showing you how the new Windows PowerShell cmdlets map to properties that used to be found in OCS 2007 R2 dialog boxes.


Lync Server PowerShell Cmdlet Help Online. All the help for the nearly 550 PowerShell cmdlets for Lync Server is now available online. It’s part of the product documentation now available on TechNet.


Lync Server PowerShell Fun Zone. Yes, you read that right: Fun Zone. You’ve had a long day, why not kick back and have some fun? And yes, you can have fun with PowerShell in Lync Server. You might even learn a little something, but that’s just an extra benefit. Take a look and you’ll see. Chances are you’ll have so much fun you’ll want to come back for more. And there will be more.


So that’s our launch in a nutshell. No streaming media, very little fanfare. But where else are you going to find a Lync Server PowerShell haiku?


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