New Article: Counting All Your Retrieved Objects

You might think it’s pretty simple to count the number of items you retrieve with a Get statement. You just do something like this, right? (Get-CsVoicePolicy).Count That command returns the number of voice policies you have defined in your Lync Server 2010 deployment. Well, sometimes. Read this article to find out when this won’t work…


Counting Retrieved Data

Why Can’t I Get a Count of My Dial Plans?   Not too long ago we got an email from someone who had encountered a strange problem when working with Lync Server PowerShell:   “I was just trying to get a count of things,” he wrote. “Sometimes I could do that and sometimes I couldn’t….


Haiku #7

The water boils yet The frog swims. MonitoringServer might help him.     According to an old story, if you put a frog in a pan of water and then slowly increase the temperature of the water, one degree at a time, the frog will never notice the difference. Instead, our doomed amphibian will continue…


Haiku #6

I once was lost but Now I’m found. Thank you, Update-CsAddressBook.   Well, we’re back after an extended break for the Thanksgiving Day holiday. (What do you mean you didn’t even  know we were gone? Ah, now you’ve gone and hurt our feelings ….)   If you’re not familiar with Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving is a day…


Haiku #5

Ice: silent, deadly. But we need a haiku – How ’bout ServerSchema?   A few years ago, there was an animated children’s film called Balto, a film based on the true-life exploits of a sled dog named, well, Balto. (Interesting coincidence, isn’t it?) Balto, oblivious to danger, and with no regard to his personal safety,…


Haiku #4

The number dialed Is no longer in service. Unassigned number.   At any given time organizations (at least the larger ones) are likely have more phone numbers allotted to them than are currently in use. And that makes sense. After all, each time you hire a new employee you don’t want to have to contact…


Haiku #3

I do not like Green- So I’ll Block federation.   Commentary   Can’t we all just get along? Well, to be perfectly honest, you’re asking the wrong people here: we’re just a couple of lowly haiku writers. When it comes to getting along with others, all we know for sure is this: in Microsoft…


Daily Lync Server PowerShell Haikus

Looking for something new to start your day? Each morning, sit down with a cup of coffee (orange juice, tea, or other beverage will also work), and take a look at the daily Lync Server PowerShell haiku. Not only will you see that it actually is possible to write a haiku about Lync Server PowerShell, but…


Haiku # 2

The elephant missed His plane. He forgot his trunk Configuration.   Commentary   Now that’s a sobering thought, isn’t it? After all, elephants never forget anything. If an elephant can forget his trunk configuration, what does that mean to you, the Microsoft Lync Server 2010 administrator?   Of course, there’s a chance that you’ve already…


Special Lync Server PowerShell Blog Launch Event

We’re assuming you all attended (at least virtually) the big launch event for Lync Server 2010. Well, okay, so maybe not everybody attended. But thanks to the magic of Internet videos, you can watch it at your leisure. (Or if you did attend, you can relive the magic over and over and over….)   So…