News: Voice Migration, Updates to PowerShell Migration, Remoting

This has been a busy week so far here on the Microsoft Lync Server 2010 PowerShell blog. Today we have some new content, some updates, and some content we want to make sure you saw.

Migrating Voice Configuration from Communications Server "14" Beta to Beta Refresh. This isn't the offical migration guide; you should have received that when you received your software. Instead this is a quick and fairly painless way to save off (most of) a voice configuration you defined in your Beta installation, then import it into a new installation of Beta Refresh.

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 PowerShell Changes from Beta to Beta Refresh. When we published this, it was a big long list of changes you had to scan through. We've updated the post so it starts with a list of changes, linked to the point in the document where that change is discussed. Pretty amazing what you can do on the web, isn't it?

Connect to Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Remote PowerShell from the Desktop. Just wanted to make sure you saw this script that shows you how to add a shortcut to your desktop that will start up a remote Lync Server PowerShell session.


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