New: Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Beta to Beta Refresh Updates

Everyone who was able to work with the Beta version of Microsoft Lync Server 2010 (formerly known as Microsoft Communications Server "14") probably is aware that the Beta Refresh version is available. (Update: And now the release candidate of the software is available). The whole point of a Beta program is to give people the opportunity to try out the product and tell us how to improve it before it's released. Along those lines, the Lync Server PowerShell team has been pretty busy making a lot of improvements to the Communications Server cmdlets. To help with the transition, we've provided a very detailed description of some of the major cmdlet changes. Check out Microsoft Lync Server 2010: PowerShell Changes from Beta to Beta Refresh.

In a hurry, or maybe just don't want all the details? Check out the condensed version: Microsoft Link Server 2010: PowerShell Beta to Beta Refresh Lite.

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