TechReady 11, PowerShell, and Microsoft Lync Server 2010

What do all those things have in common? Well, we really can't say. Because TechReady 11 is a Microsoft-only event (sorry everyone else) we're not supposed to disclose anything about the content being presented. But if you're at TechReady 11 there's a session on Thursday, July 29, that you won't want to miss. And let's see, this blog is about Microsoft Lync Server 2010 (formelry known as Microsoft Communications Server "14") and PowerShell, and we'll be presenting the session, so the session will be about...well, you have to try to guess the rest.

Oh, and when we say "we," we're talking about Greg Stemp and Jean Ross. So if you're at TechReady simply look up the session by speaker name, you'll find us. Maybe around the 12:45 PM timeframe. On Thursday.

In Thursday's session you'll actually be able to sit down at the computer and try everything out as we go along. If you'd like a head start on some of the concepts we'll be covering, go listen to the session presented by Cezar Ungureanasu on Wednesday. It's possible that could be around 10:30 AM or so.

We hope to see you all there on Thursday!

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