New Walkthrough – and Walkthrough Lite

The story begins with you, the lonely admin. You show up for your first day of work at a new job and right away you're assigned your first task. No, no "Welcome to Your New Job" cake or even a donut, just that first assignment. And what is it? You have to enable another new employee for Microsoft Lync Server 2010 and Enterprise Voice. How in the world are you going to do that?

You're going to do that by following the simple procedures in this detailed walkthrough: Enabling a User for Microsoft Lync Server 2010 and Enterprise Voice. And when we say detailed, we mean detailed. If you want to get this job done and fully understand what you're doing, work your way through this.

Want to get the job done without all the details? (You can always come back and check out the details later, right?) Then try our Walthrough Lite.

Added Bonus: Properties Returned by Get-CsUser and Get-CsAdUser. Get-CsUser and Get-CsAdUser may seem like very similar cmdlets (and in many ways they are), but they have very distinct differences. One of those differences being the fact that they return different information about users in Active Directory. This short article gives you a nice, easy-to-read table that shows which properties are returned by which cmdlet.

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