Microsoft Lync Server 2010 PowerShell Blog is Open for Business

Yes, it's been officially announced, another Microsoft Server product has joined the ranks of Windows PowerShell management. As of "Wave 14" you'll be able to fully manage Communications Server - everything from Conferencing to Enterprise Voice to Communicator client settings - all with PowerShell.

This blog is solely devoted to helping you get up-and-running with Microsoft Lync Server 2010 PowerShell, and keep you running long after you're out of breath. Whether you're brand new to PowerShell, or just brand new to Lync Server PowerShell (this latter category including pretty much everyone), we're here to get you started, then go along with you as you become a real pro.

To start with, we have a large Reference section explaining how to use Lync Server PowerShell. We also have several How-To articles, and even sample scripts. In addition, there' a lot going on at TechEd this week, we'll let you know how all that's going. Why not start with our Getting Started page and go from there?

We'll be adding to this blog regularly. For starters, we'll be adding a Windows PowerShell reference for those of you who know all about Lync Server but maybe not so much about PowerShell. So stay tuned for much more.

Thanks for joining us. Enjoy.

Oh, and if you have any questions or need anything (remember, only about Lync Server PowerShell), let us know.

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  1. Desmond Lee says:

    Congratulations to the amazing team behind bringing PowerShell to the Communications Server 14 family!


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