Haiku #20

Can I use your phone? Of course, but it’s not my phone – It’s everyone’s phone.   We have to admit that the developers responsible for putting together Microsoft Lync Server 2010 were pretty clever. Why do we say that? Well, for one reason, we get paid to say things like that. More importantly, however,…


Haiku #19

I hear the voices But the names remain unknown. I need to press 3.   You know, there are two great things about working at Microsoft. The first is knowing that any day could be the day that you change the world for the better. Have any of our Lync Server PowerShell haikus managed to…


New Article: When is a Boolean Not a Boolean?

The Lync Server PowerShell blog team has decided to answer the question that has been plaguing people from the beginning of time: When is a Boolean not a Boolean? Well, maybe not from the very beginning of time. But since at least 4:27 PM last Monday, or somewhere around there. And believe it or not,…


Coming in January! Lync Server PowerShell Challenge

Sure, Lync Server 2010 is pretty new right now. But what better way to learn more about something new than by having a little fun with it? Beginning in January, we’re going to be starting a weekly challenge. Every Monday we’ll present you with a puzzle to solve, something related to PowerShell with Lync Server….


Haiku #18

What big eyes you have. And what big … ears … you have, too. Cs Media.   The first time the author of today’s haiku ever saw Internet video, he wasn’t exactly impressed. What he saw, way back then, was a postage stamp-sized window that showed what looked to be a still photo of a…


Haiku #17

No habla Ingles? Time for Set UI culture. Ah: muy bueno.   Granted, you’re probably thinking, “Culture? What would people who write haikus about Lync Server PowerShell know about culture?!?” Well, relax: we’re not talking about that kind of culture, with fine wines and classical music and wiping your mouth on a napkin instead of…


New Article: Make This a Priority

As an administrator of Lync Server, you probably know all about priorities. What you might not know about is how easily you can set priorities with Lync Server PowerShell. Many of the cmdlets have a Priority parameter, which allows you to set priorities for things like which normalization rule will take effect if more than…


Haiku #16

Two is company, Nine hundred three is a crowd. User Services.   Ah, contacts: you can’t live with ’em, and you can’t live without ’em. The truth is, without contacts, Microsoft Lync 2010 wouldn’t be all that much fun: if you couldn’t quickly and easily send instant messages to people, if you couldn’t quickly and…


New Article: Enable Collect Logs in Microsoft Lync

So you have all your users happily running Microsoft Lync 2010. Well, mostly happily. Every once in a while, not too often of course, users find that maybe they experience a little bit of difficulty with calls through Lync. Difficulties like dropped calls, audio or video quality issues, and so on. Fortunately these same users can help…


Collect Logs in Microsoft Lync

When we first started the Lync Server PowerShell blog, our plan was for the blog to provide people with all the cool insider information that they couldn’t get anywhere else. And that was a pretty good plan, except for one thing: we didn’t actually have any cool insider information. And so we started writing Lync…