Windows 8 RTM and the Exchange 2010 EMC

I had an interesting question posed by a client today to which immediately made me think of my own host machine...


"Why can't I seem to install the Exchange 2010 SP2 EMC on Windows 8 RTM?"

I have just recently imaged my own PC to the MSIT internal RTM build for my work rig, as well as updating all my home boxes to Win 8 or now Server 2012. 98% of the time I'm in my lab VM's using the EMC directly on the server itself. What if I needed to install the EMC on my laptop for remote admin capabilities? So here is where we stand..

2010 SP2 management tools are not supported on Win8. Use a Win7 VM or RDP to another box.

Now this definitely makes the new Administrative architecture (Exchange Administration Center EAC) of Exchange 2013 seem like a good idea now doesn't it? No console installs, no having to match major or minor versions & it's 4x as fast.


More info..

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  1. Chad Solarz says:

    I've reported your feedback to members on the customer experience product group team. I'll advise and news comes up!

  2. @Joel – I agree especially with no ex2013 existence available at this time. It's coming I promise 🙂

    @celeste – I can try to pass these "wish list" items on to the product group, but since they are no longer developing an EMC based admin tool (think 2013 EAC) the likelihood of them spending cycles on this is slim.

  3. Joel says:

    Chad – upgrading to Exchange 2013 does sound like a good idea. However, for most organizations, this is not an overnight process. In the meantime, we do need Win8 support for EMC.

  4. Celeste says:

    I would like a fix so that I can install Exchange 2010 tools on Windows 8, not upgrade to Exchange 2013. And while you're at it, I want to be able to run RSAT tools as an administrator. Shellrunas no longer works. I don't want to be logged into my desktop as a domain admin, but I want to be able to use tools as a domain admin on a regualr basis so this is a real problem. We won't be moving to windows 8 any time soon unless you can figure out how to elevate privs for administrators. Geesh.

  5. Kurt-Erik Karlsen says:

    We are having the same issues as we use a Windows 8 Virtual Machine with all the necessary management tools like RSAT on it, so that we do not have to log in as admins on our servers all the time.

    And since Hyper-V 2012 requires the new Hyper-V console we are forced to use Windows 8 on the management machine.

    Upgrading to Exchange 2013 won't happen before backup systems are compitable and after the RTM has been in use for a while…

    So please look in to this.


    Kurt-E. Karlsen

  6. igor Lagrilliere says:…/02881780-9982-4a5a-a7fd-1cf609913779

    explains how to install emc sp2 on win 8 and run it in mmc, it works perfectly.

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