Office – It just works right?

One of the benefits of my role as PFE with Microsoft is the amount of customers and different kinds of environments I get to see and hear about. Across the vast expanse that is the Exchange deployment and infrastructure landscape, everyone uses office. It's the tie that binds almost every organization to one another. Now…


The Exchange toolkit

[bing_translator] So lately I’ve had a few customers ask .. “How come I haven’t heard about this tool you’re talking / showing me until now?” This was in regards to a performance analysis tool a customer found particularly useful. He went on to wonder out loud. “ “Shouldn’t there be like a master list of…


DAG IP addresses and Failover Cluster Manager

“Hey Chad, how come I see two IP addresses in Failover Cluster Manager (FCM)? Then only one is “online” and the other is “Offline”? Is there an issue with my DAG?” Well let’s get some context here. This large customer has a stretched dag that spans two geographic and AD sites. This DAG (per Microsoft…


Case of the unfailback-able DAG

Good afternoon all, hoping you are having a good weekend! I wish I could say I had a bunch of sleep last night but I can’t. One of my customers reached out to me in frustration at 1 am. They were in the middle of doing some initial Disaster Recovery testing for their new 2010…


Windows 8 RTM and the Exchange 2010 EMC

I had an interesting question posed by a client today to which immediately made me think of my own host machine…   “Why can’t I seem to install the Exchange 2010 SP2 EMC on Windows 8 RTM?” I have just recently imaged my own PC to the MSIT internal RTM build for my work rig,…


IP Subnetting and the “Solarz slide rule”

Good afternoon all! This has been a blog post about 3+ years in the making. Allow me to digress and give you some context. Prior to joining the ranks at the “mother ship” (A.k.a. Microsoft), in my previous life I was an MCT (Microsoft certified trainer). In that prior role I was teaching all kinds…


IIS 500.19 Internal server errors in /OWA & /ECP

So you may or may not have seen the horrendous error described in the title of this post. If you have, I feel your pain. If not, go play the lottery cause you are one lucky Exchange admin. That or you just leave well enough alone and haven’t modified Exchange out of it’s default load….


Case of the corrupted calendar items

First off, I’d like to apologize for the large gap in blog posts. Even 6 1/2 months in I am still trying to get a complete handle on all things PFE, thus the gap. In all the areas our customers present issues with, we in premier field engineering are only second to our PSS (Premier…


Connecting a firehose to your carotid artery

  I am going to apologize up front for some intentional vagueness. I haven’t fully navigated what is NDA and what isn’t when it comes to Microsoft IP and internal only data. So to be safe, no full-on facts will be typically divulged here. Sorry, I am not about to lose my dream gig over…


Like I needed another one

Yup, I’ve decided to break into Microsoft in grand fashion. How can I make the biggest impact right away? Blogging. Well not really, but I plan to do some noting of things I learn about Exchange as I ramp up my skill set without violating any NDA’s or employer agreements. If you’ve stopped at the…