The best Lync one number solution I could setup

We all would like just to have one identity so everybody doesn’t have to remember 3 phone numbers, 2 emails addresses and 1 SIP address etc…..

In Lync you have one identity, the SIP address and if you make PSTN calls outside Lync it’s the company number (DID), but we all have a Mobile phone with a separate number, so how do we control calls getting to the device of your choice,

In Lync we can set up simulating call to your Mobile phone, by doing that your mobile phone will also ring when you get called internally in Lync or on the Company DID, so if you can keep your mobile number hidden from all your contacts then all calls will go to the Lync number.

But if that means you have to make calls as anonymous caller from your mobile phone, that’s not the best solution, “do you always pick up calls from anonymous caller?”

TDC one of the Telco providers for fixed line and Cell phones in Denmark, has a solution called Mobile Flex Connect, in that solution you can create some advanced forwarding’s etc.

Also in that solution there is also a feature to change caller ID on all your outbound calls from the mobile phone to appear as your Company DID.

This is the best setup I could make from that solution right now.

The good

Single number (Company DID)

All voice mail ends up in Outlook. (Exchange Voice mail)

I can control when my mobile will ring and not, maybe use the Lync forwarding feature “only in my working hours” so my mobile isn’t ringing after work

I can use the Exchange voice mail feature to make it possible forward calls to my mobile after my work hours, for selected outlook contacts, but not exposing my mobile number.

All calls go via Lync server and by that, the roaming cost for incoming calls when I am traveling is on Company bill and not on my Mobile bill.

The Bad

When calling from mobile: Some Telco’s don’t accept showing DID’s on the Mobile Network then I will show up as my company’s Main number,

On the Mobile: when roaming and traveling, my caller ID is Anonymous or strange caller id or Main Company ID, and sometimes my Mobile number

Texting (SMS) will show your Mobile number

You can’t get text (SMS) on the company DID

The one number is the company DID not the Mobile number


This works very well for me, but I needed to test some of the settings and made some test calls to make my setup work for me, I have used this now for a long time, and now even my family call me on the company DID because they only see that as my caller ID.

Telenor Norway has a one-number solution:

Please reply with what you have made as your best setup as work-around for one-number solutions.

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  1. kishhr says:

    Lync is the most new and most promising one

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