Attendant and Contact Center applications for Lync/OCS


At some customer meetings I get questions on Contact Center and Attendant software, 3p vendors that can work together with Lync and by that solved customer demands and give a wide range of possibility for choosing between vendors.

In Lync we have IRV and ACD like functions, but in some cases customer have specially needs then it’s very nice to have 3p vendors to solved this.     

I also get questions on mobile line state in Lync and Attendant, some of them can actually do that with the information coming from the Mobile Telco, like TDC, Telia; Telenor etc. show it in Attendant software and push it to Lync as well.

Coexist with the old PBX/IPT systems it also one the things that some of them can do, so in a migration stage the Attendant can get line state from the PBX , Mobile and presence from Lync.

Please find below a choice of some vendors in the Nordics, covering from big to minor solutions and simple to very complex solutions:

Right now (09-05-12) it’s only following Contact Centers that has an Lync ISV qualification (more information on this here)

The Lync ISV qualification program is designed to help ensure that qualified applications meet customer expectations for specific scenarios. The program defines specific requirements for interoperability with Lync Server and Exchange Server, installation, set-up and configuration, documentation, and support. Designed with enterprise class industry standards, testing covers performance, reliability, and SDK/API utilization.

Only products that meet rigorous and extensive testing requirements and conform to the specifications and test plans will receive qualification.



Geomant ContactExpert:

If you have other good 3p vendors that can deliver Contact Center applications or Attendant software and will work with Lync/OCS please post a comment Smile

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  1. Is there an update to this list? They’re always handy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The right link to Miralix Lync is…/microsoft-lync-uk

    The contactcenter can be found on this page:…/contact-center

  3. Justin Bagatti says:

    Interactive Intelligence should also be added to the list

  4. Ela Gardner says:

    Clarity Connect was the first ever native contact center for MS UC – and just came out with their 2.4 release – per the MS Lync CTO, "Clarity Connect is a true UC Contact Center as opposed to UC-enabled one" – Read the press release here –…/lync-ivr

  5. Nicolas J says:

    Hi, there is a French company specialized in call and contact center solution which offer a contact center solution for Lync too :

  6. Mohideen says:

    Acqueon AiQ for Lync should be added into this list ( )

  7. Bridge Operator Console should also be listed

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