Remember to update your CX 5000 (Roundtable)


Remember to update your CX 5000 (Roundtable)

You can download updates here

Follow this guide to update CX 5000

Revision Release Date Features
1.5.5029.0 October 2011 Audio improvements
1.5.5026.0 August 2011 • Support for a hardware change that addressed a part availability issue.
The revised hardware began shipping in August 2011.
• No functional changes in this release.
1.0.4041.0 May 2009 Minor update
1.0.4030.0 March 2009 Initial release



Comments (2)

  1. Richard says:

    Does this update apply to the original MS-made Roundtable device, made in 2007?

  2. Richard says:

    addendum (if anyone cares though): on Polycom's site the version 1.5.5029.0 file has a timestamp of 2011 may, so I wonder what that 2011 October may mean??

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