Microsoft® RoundTable™ Firmware


This download contains the latest version of the Microsoft RoundTable firmware. If an administrator performs a factory reset, one is required to apply the latest firmware. Please refer to the Microsoft RoundTable Deployment Guide for details.

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Comments (3)

  1. soder says:

    Is this firmware still valid for the original MS-manufactured Roundtable, or only for the newer Polycom CX5000? Will it brick my MS device?

  2. Jay Magness says:

    Just installed it on my Roundtable and it was one of the first 50 made.

  3. soder says:

    Digging the useless Polycom support site for hours, I found by accident an article (yes by accident, as the search does not show up any useful CX5000 articles actually)  that says this binary could brick in fact the CX5000, so it mustnt be uploaded to a Polycom device, only to an MS device. The article promises an update for the CX5000, but being 200% skeptical that will never be released in this century.

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