Hello world!

It only seems fitting to begin anything in IT with the ever familiar "Hello world".   The birth and desire of CryptGenRandom was not to just "borrow" an old crypto API function for its name, but to provide a broad range of IT topics.  That said, most of the topics will focus on security (that is my job).  But I wanted the liberty to discuss other IT topics that can appeal to the readers who don't think xoring ones and zeros is super sexy cool.  Or, readers who want to run in the opposite directions because the content uses words like nonrepudiation or includes a discussion on reliable random sources of entropy.  While security is a serious topic, IT should be fun and entertaining.  So, in true geek fashion, I'll include a myriad of movie quotes, science fiction and movie quotes, and the occasional music lyric. While the primary audience for my random geeky thoughts and esoteric deep dives into security technology is IT Professionals, I'll dabble into some scripting, programming, and various under-the-hood diatribes... and anything else in which you are interested.

Until the next post--- peace!!!


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