The 2014 CRM Service Leaders – Der Gewinner: Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

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wie kann ein Dienstagmorgen besser beginnen: Gerade wurde ich darauf aufmerksam gemacht, dass Microsoft Dynamics im jährlich stattfindenden CRM Service Leader Award des US-amerikanischen "CRM  Magazine" im Bereich Customer Case Management der klare Gewinner ist! 

"Microsoft Dynamics CRM grabbed the top spot from, which led the market the last two years. The acquisition of Parature was on the minds of many of the analysts, who gave Microsoft Dynamics a score of 4.4 for company direction. The company is "showing up on short lists for large enterprise support deals for the first time," Ragsdale says. "The acquisition of Parature shows Microsoft is taking service seriously, instead of investing only in sales and marketing, as most cloud CRM vendors tend to do," he says. Prior to the acquisition, Leggett noted that Microsoft Dynamics CRM was "missing core multichannel capabilities and knowledge management, which it addresses with partnerships [Moxie and Parature]." Parature will fill in some of those gaps in capabilities. It's also "one of the least expensive solutions in the marketplace," Leggett says."

Den vollständigen Artikel können Sie hier nachlesen. 

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Sebastian Grassl

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