Getting error 0xC004F074 when activating against KMS server

Hi This error code is a very generic output to a KMS client having problems activating. To view your output, run slmgr.vbs –ato When troubleshooting this problem, we checked the following details – if any were a problem, they would generate this error code: DNS record not published at _VLMCS._tcp.client.domain. This must be an SRV…


Upgrading the ADMX Central Store files from Windows 7/2008R2 to Windows 8/2012

############################## ###   UPDATE (22 March 2013)   ### The ADMX and ADML files for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 are now available as a separate download. This includes 185 ADMX files, and is the complete set of all ADMX files for these OSes. Please use this download instead of the instructions in this post to…


Delegating access in AD to BitLocker recovery information

Normally in AD, all attributes are readable by “Authenticated Users”. Some attributes should inherit permissions, but should not be readable by “just anyone” To protect attributes like this, they can be marked as “confidential”. There are 3 attributes relating BitLocker to which are marked in the schema as “confidential”. This is done by marking the…


SharePoint and SID History not playing well together

Hi, I struck a problem at a custom and the impact, while it seemed minor on the surface, was actually a big deal for their migration project. In fact, the large team they had assembled to migrate users from one forest to a new forest had stopped while this issue was investigated. It relates to…


Running AGPM with a Managed Service Account (MSA or gMSA)

Hi, Service accounts are dead. Long live MSAs! But where can you actually use MSAs/gMSAs? One place that often pops up is Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM) from the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP). The installer for AGPM requires that you create a service account and enter its password manually. In a correctly configured AGPM…


Backing up and Restoring Domain-Based DFS Namespaces

I had a question for a customer recently which needed some investigation, as the seemingly “easy steps” to export and import DFSN configurations didn’t do what either of us expected. KB969382 lists the actions to take in the event of your DFS Namespace going west. Option 2 was the one we were looking at as…


Upgrading the ADMX Central Store files from Vista to Windows 7

I had a question from a customer and thought I’d share the answer with everyone. They asked “I want to upgrade our Central Store of ADMX/ADML files for Group Policy from Windows Vista SP2/Windows Server 2008 SP2 to Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 R2. What do we need to worry about?”. So I redirected them to…


Migrating DFS Namespace from Windows 2000 Server mode to Windows Server 2008 mode

Hi,   I recently helped a customer with this tricky little exercise. The idea was to do the upgrade during office hours with as little downtime as possible and to run it remotely from one server.   It’s following the basic guide here:   But this formal guide wasn’t very “real world”. It forgets…


Decommissioning WINS

I’ve been working on helping remove WINS from a customers network. One of the big problems was identifying the remaining clients still using WINS, and just what they were using it for. We used Network Monitor to capture WINS name resolution queries on the WINS to see which clients were querying for which server names….