MBAM 2.0 gets released along with Service Packs to most MDOP apps

Hi,   Just a quick note to publicise that MBAM 2.0 is now out, and each of AGPM 4.0, DaRT8.0, App-v 5.0, UE-V 1.0 each received their own updates to Service Pack 1. They are bundled in the new MDOP 2013. Read more about it here at the new home for the MDOP team:

Using SONOS as a “Play To” destination from within Windows RT

Hi,   I recently became the proud owner of the fantastic Sonos PLAYBAR. And while the Sonos team is considering creating a Windows 8 App to control their devices, I found a neat little hack to get the DLNA portion of the Sonos to become a “Play To” device from within Windows 8 music apps….