Low throughput when copying files

Hi, I have been helping a customer with a tricky issue recently regarding slow network performance for SMB file copies over their network. It came about after they took the settings defined in Security Compliance Manager for their member servers and deployed them as a Group Policy to their server OU. After doing this, they…


Removing permission for users to upload their image to AD

Hi,   I recently had the pleasure to help one of our Premier customers with a query they have regarding saving images in Active Directory. Default Permission in AD By default, users have permission to save a jpeg or bmp file to their own AD user account. This file can be up to 100KB in…


Installing DHCP on Windows Server 2012 did not create the local groups

Hi again,   Another interesting case with a nice, easy solution. While working with a Premier customer recently we found that the 2 local groups relating to DHCP, “DHCP Administrators” and “DHCP Users” didn’t get created on their new DHCP servers. Only the role installation steps can do this for us as that will make…


MBAM 2.0 gets released along with Service Packs to most MDOP apps

Hi,   Just a quick note to publicise that MBAM 2.0 is now out, and each of AGPM 4.0, DaRT8.0, App-v 5.0, UE-V 1.0 each received their own updates to Service Pack 1. They are bundled in the new MDOP 2013. Read more about it here at the new home for the MDOP team: http://blogs.windows.com/windows/b/business/archive/2013/04/10/making-windows-8-even-more-manageable-with-mdop-2013.aspx

Using SONOS as a “Play To” destination from within Windows RT

Hi,   I recently became the proud owner of the fantastic Sonos PLAYBAR. And while the Sonos team is considering creating a Windows 8 App to control their devices, I found a neat little hack to get the DLNA portion of the Sonos to become a “Play To” device from within Windows 8 music apps….