Solution: Boot images may be missing or unable to be imported through the ConfigMgr 2007 admin console

Here’s an interesting issue I’ve run into a couple times and since I didn’t see it documented anywhere I thought I’d give everyone a heads up here. When using System Center Configuration Manager 2007 you may find that you have missing default boot images and that you’re unable to import boot images through the administrator’s… Read more

Resolution: Error "Image does not contain OS architecture information" when using a ConfigMgr 2007 OSD Task Sequence

When deploying a WIM file that contains both a Windows OS image and a Data image in the WIM file, the deployment may fail when using an SCCM 2007 OSD Task Sequence with the following logged in the SMSTS.LOG file: Opening image file C:\_SMSTaskSequence\Packages\<WIM_Image_Package_ID>\<Image>.wim ApplyOperatingSystem Image file <WIM_Image_Package_ID> version “” will be applied ApplyOperatingSystem Image… Read more

Unable to import WIM into the ConfigMgr 2007 console

I was browsing through some of the other Configuration Manager blogs this morning and found a really good one written by Steve Rachui from our PFE (Premier Field Engineer) group.  This one is about a Windows Installer issue he ran into the other day and is definitely worth the read.  I have a brief intro… Read more