Update Rollup 2 for Configuration Manager Current Branch 1710 is now available

A second update rollup for System Center Configuration Manager current branch, version 1710, is now available. This update is available for installation in the Updates and Servicing node of the Configuration Manager console. Please note that if the Service Connection Point is in offline mode, you must re-import the update so that it is listed… Read more

Update 1710 for Configuration Manger Technical Preview released

We are happy to let you know that update 1710 for the Technical Preview Branch of System Center Configuration Manager has been released. Technical Preview Branch releases give you an opportunity to try out new Configuration Manager features in a test environment before they are made generally available. For information about this month’s new preview… Read more

Using ConfigMgr With Windows 10 WUfB Deferral Policies

Important: Configuration Manager current branch version 1706 is needed for any ConfigMgr environment using WUfB deferral policies. ConfigMgr client version 1702 will periodically delete all WUfB deferral policies, if configured. This could lead to unintended results.  As you are probably aware, Windows 10 version 1607 introduced new Dual Scan behavior for enterprises that wanted Windows… Read more

Reusing the same NIC for multiple PXE initiated deployments in System Center Configuration Manager OSD

UPDATE! The solution in the below blog post is now a native feature in ConfigMgr starting in ConfigMgr Current Branch 1610. Please see the below link for further information: Manage duplicate hardware identifiers https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/core/clients/manage/manage-clients#manage-duplicate-hardware-identifiers Consider the following scenario. You are using a single USB to Ethernet Adapter to image multiple devices via a ConfigMgr OSD Task Sequence. The… Read more

KB2509007 does not install correctly when installed at the same time as KB977203 or KB977384

We recently discovered an issue that KB2509007 would not install properly if installed at the same time as either KB977203 or KB977384 via the PATCH= option in the “Setup Windows and ConfigMgr” task. We were able to reproduce the issue internally and after some research and investigation, we discovered a fairly easy workaround to the issue. We found that if we… Read more

When deploying Windows Server 2008 using a Configuration Manager OSD Task Sequence, additional disks may show as offline when the Task Sequence completes

The below article was first published over The Configuration Manager Support Team Blog site. However we recently discovered that the method described in the article would only work when deploying from an Operating System Install Package (deploying from Windows installation source files). For that reason I recently updated the article to describe what to do when… Read more

How To Remediate An Incorrectly Deployed OSD Task Sequence In System Center Configuration Manager 2007

The below article outlines the steps that should be taken if a Task Sequence is deployed to an incorrect set of computers. Since mistargeting a Task Sequence could result in total data loss on the computers that were mistargeted, time is of essense to remedy the problem. It is also important to know not only what steps… Read more

No Assigned Task Sequence when initiating deployments caused by duplicate SMBIOS GUIDs (System UUIDs) in System Center Configuration Manager 2007

This article is regarding an issue we originally blogged about over at The Configuration Manager Support Team Blog regarding issues with PXE booting caused by duplicate SMBIOS GUIDs.. At the time that we wrote the article we really didn’t have a good solution or workaround on the ConfigMgr/WDS side to fix the issue. Since the… Read more

How To Change Logging Options For SMSTS.log in System Center Configuration Manager

As the first post in the Configuration Manager OSD Support Team Blog, I am going to go over something that affects us a lot in CSS – increasing the size of the SMSTS.log and specifying how many times it rolls over. Many times when troubleshooting customer issues with a Task Sequence, we discover that the… Read more

The Configuration Manager Documentation Library has been updated for March 2010

Just a quick heads up that the documentation library for System Center Configuration Manager 2007 has been updated.  The current version now contains updated content for Configuration Manager 2007, Configuration Manager 2007 SP1, Configuration Manager 2007 R2, and Configuration Manager 2007 SP2. There are a lot of cool new updates, far more than I could… Read more