A look at transaction based replication in Configuration Manager 2007

Hi folks, my name is Umair Khan.  I am on the Configuration Manager support team here at Microsoft and I wanted to take a minute to go through transaction based replication between sites in Configuration Manager 2007.  Keep in mind that what I’ve written below assumes that you already know the basic flow of Site… Read more

Data Replication in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager

Microsoft’s very own D.C. Tardy (Senior Program Manager for Configuration Manager) just posted another great article over on the Microsoft Server and Cloud Platform Blog that talks about data replication in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager.  If you haven’t read this one yet then you’ll definitely want to check it out: Gone are the days… Read more

New deep-dive document: Component details and data flow for site-to-site replication in SMS 2003 and Configuration Manager 2007

In a Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 or Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 site hierarchy, each site must be able to communicate with its parent site and all of its child sites. This communications capability is one of the features that enables the product to scale to levels necessary to make it an Enterprise-wide… Read more