Troubleshooting patch installation issues on SMS 2003 ITMU with Exit Code 32788

I thought of blogging this information as it took a little bit of time to identify the root cause of the issue and I didn’t see it documented publicly anywhere.  Hopefully if you run into the same issue this will help you find a quick solution. Symptom: Patch installation fails with the following error: ERROR:… Read more

SMS 2003: Windows XP SP3 install fails with no errors

Are you using Systems Management Server 2003 to roll out Windows XP Service Pack 3 to your clients?  Have you noticed any that didn’t install yet also didn’t report any errors?  If so and you’re using an old Intel wireless driver then this may be your issue: Issue: When trying to distribute Windows XP SP3… Read more

ConfigMgr 2007 Patchinstall command line switches

Do you use System Center Configuration Manager 2007 or SMS 2003 and wonder what all the switches for PatchInstall are?  If so then Steve Rachui has the information you need as he documents everything from /F to /Z and everything in between.  Check out his intro and a link below: ======== A question came up… Read more