Using ConfigMgr 2007 to find and update specific versions of OpsMgr 2007 machines

Hi everyone, Vikram Sahay here and I’m back again with another interesting topic on system Center Operations Manager 2007. Hope you find it useful. Recently we were working on an  issue where we were getting an error indicating that an agent could not be removed from a Windows Cluster service node. While trying to delete… Read more

Fix: Unable to delete the OSDStateStorePath folder in an OSD Task Sequence using USMT 4.0 with Hard Links in ConfigMgr 2007

When using Hard Links for User State Migration, attempting to remove the OSDStateStorePath folder after restoring the users data in a Task Sequence may fail or appear to hang. Note: This is in reference to the steps listed in this article: The command .\%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%\usmtutils.exe /rd %OSDStateStorePath% may appear to hang unless you configure a… Read more

Announcing Top Solutions RSS Feeds: Automatically connecting you with solutions

The Top Solutions RSS feeds pair the latest hot customer issues with the best Microsoft solution content, all delivered right to your desktop. The feeds will help keep you ahead of the curve by alerting you to potential problems and pointing you directly to the solutions.  IT Pros, consumers, other Microsoft business groups and third… Read more

New hotfix: The monitoring of SNMP devices may stop intermittently in System Center Operations Manager or in System Center Essentials

I know this isn’t ConfigMgr specific but since SCE 2010 has some ConfigMgr features I thought I’d post here just as a quick FYI. When you monitor some Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) devices by using System Center Operations Manager or System Center Essentials, the monitoring may stop intermittently. This issue affects the SNMP performance… Read more