New KB: Packages with .ASPX and .ASMX files cannot be distributed to Configuration Manager 2007 Branch Distribution Points

When pushing a software distribution package with .ASPX or .ASMX files to a Branch Distribution Point (BDP), the transfer fails. Transfers via SMB to the same BDPs work fine. You may also see BITS jobs failing with transient errors. Cause This occurs because .ASPX and .ASMX files are dynamic content and BITS will not download… Read more

Fix: Configuration Manager 2007 Management Point install fails on Windows Server 2008 with “The error code is 800CC801”

When attempting to install a Configuration Manager 2007 Management Point (MP) on Windows Server 2008, the install may fail with the following errors: MPMSI.LOG [13:52:07] Enabling BITS [13:52:08] @@ERR:25006 MSI (s) (DC!FC) [13:52:08:085]: Product: SMS Management Point — Error 25006. Setup was unable to create the Internet virtual directory CCM_Incoming The error code is 800CC801… Read more

Solution: You may experience slow performance when using BITS and Kerberos Authentication on ConfigMgr 2007 Distribution Points

If you are using IIS 7 or IIS 6 with Kerberos Authentication, you may see an increase in network traffic and overall slow performance when pushing out large packages to your System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Distributions Points.   This can happen because the default behavior with this configuration is to authenticate every HTTP request, therefore… Read more

Solution: ConfigMgr 2007 clients may fail to download packages from a Server Share DP with a content hash mismatch error

Here’s a ConfigMgr 2007 issue I had recently that was caused by an known issue with IIS.  I wanted to publicize this here so that it might help others who run into this problem. Issue: Configuration Manager 2007 clients may fail to download packages from a Server Share Distribution Point with a content hash mismatch… Read more

Insider’s Guide to Troubleshooting Client Content Download in Configuration Manager 2007

Looks like our very own Bhaskar Krishnan has written a great post on troubleshooting some of the frequently encountered issues relating to client content download problems in System Center Configuration Manager 2007.  It outlines the scenario, then takes you through how to track the various processes involved from when the client downloads policy to when… Read more