New KB: Packages with .ASPX and .ASMX files cannot be distributed to Configuration Manager 2007 Branch Distribution Points

When pushing a software distribution package with .ASPX or .ASMX files to a Branch Distribution Point (BDP), the transfer fails. Transfers via SMB to the same BDPs work fine. You may also see BITS jobs failing with transient errors. Cause This occurs because .ASPX and .ASMX files are dynamic content and BITS will not download… Read more

ConfigMgr 2007 Solution: Attempts to update or distribute a package to a Branch DP fails with HostingIncomplete and PDPHashMismatchEvent error

Symptom A package cannot be updated successfully on a Branch DP (BDP) and the Peerdpagent.log shows the following: Package ABC00001 in state ‘DownloadComplete’. 6/9/2010 11:42:55 AM 3800 (0x0ED8) Raising event: [SMS_CodePage(437), SMS_LocaleID(1033)] instance of PDPHashMismatchEvent { ClientID = "GUID:00354A37-DA07-43CA-A8F3-A45203669D2D"; DateTime = "20100609184258.503000+000"; MachineName = "ComputerName"; PackageID = "ABC00001"; ProcessID = 2068; SiteCode = "ABC"; SourceVersion… Read more