Quick Fix: Error 0x80090304 returned by InitializeSecurityContext when provisioning AMT devices in ConfigMgr 2007

You find that you are unable to provision AMT devices in System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 using an external certificate provided by VeriSign.  However, using your Internal CA you find that you can successfully provision new machines.  When attempting to provision an AMT device using your external certificate you receive the following error: Error:… Read more

Troubleshooting OOBConsole connectivity after an Intel vPro enabled device has been successfully provisioned in ConfigMgr 2007

Just in case you somehow happened to miss the announcement, we made Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 available to MSDN and TechNet Subscribers as well as Volume License customers yesterday.  I’ve been running it for a few days now here and so far I’m pretty impressed, although admittedly I’m… Read more

Intel vPro™ Technology Alliance Program: Briefing for Microsoft System Center Service Providers

I got a tip that there’s going to be a pretty cool webinar on Intel vPro tech coming up next week.  You can get all the details here but I also have their intro below: ======== Join us for a Webinar on January 26 Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now at: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/358925115 Join… Read more

Configuration Manager 2007 Out Of Band Demo and Tips

Our very own Buz Brodin, a Senior Escalation Engineer here on our System Center Configuration Manager support team, recently posted a great video that goes through some demos and some tips and tricks for setting up and using Out Of Band Management with Intel AMT enabled clients.  If you haven’t seen this and plan on… Read more

ConfigMgr 2007: RPL files stay in MPFDM on Secondaries When You Discover AMT Management Controllers

In System Center Configuration Manager 2007, when you run the Discover Management Controllers Task on AMT Enabled Devices you may find that a .rpl file gets created and does not process out on Secondary site servers. Errors like the following occur: Skip replication file 4u4h5uam.RPL as the inbox SMS_AMT_PROXY_WOL doesn’t exist or hasn’t yet been… Read more

Configuration Manager 2007 AMT Provisioning Flowcharts

Have you ever wanted to learn more about how Active Management Technology (AMT) and System Center Configuration Manager 2007 work together?  If so our very own Steve Rachui posted some great flowcharts that should help explain how all the pieces fit together.  According to Steve: Support for AMT provisioning through SCCM was introduced in SCCM… Read more

Solution: ConfigMgr 2007 fails to create AMT User OU objects in Disjointed Namespace Environment

Here’s an issue I ran into the other day and since I didn’t see it documented anywhere I thought I’d post a quick heads-up here.  Issue: AMT clients are "successfully" provisioned however their accounts are not created in the Out Of Band OU specified. In the System Center Configuration Manager 2007 console, for the container… Read more

The Out of Band Management Console on Windows XP SP2 Fails to Connect with Error 0x80072EE9

Carol Bailey just posted a workaround for an issue where the out of band management console that is used to connect to AMT-based computers has a problem running on Windows XP SP2.  If this applies to you then you’ll definitely want to check this out: ======== It’s recently come to our attention that the out… Read more

ConfigMgr 2007: AMT/vPRO – Useful Links for Initial Planning and Deployment

Out of band management feature support in Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 provides powerful management control for computers that have the Intel vPro chip set and Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) firmware versions 3.2.1 or later. Out of band management allows an administrator to connect to a computer’s management controller when the computer is turned… Read more

Requesting an AMT Provisioning Certificate with a Windows Server 2008 CA

The System Center Configuration Manager team blog has another great post, this one on requesting an AMT provisioning certificate with a Windows Server 2008 certificate authority.  I have the intro below but you can read the entire post here.   With the December documentation update for the Configuration Manager library, we posted a new step-by-step… Read more