ConfigMgr 2007: Setting up Multicast, step by step

Over on Steve Rachui’s Manageability blog he has a great write-up on how to minimize your network utilization by enabling Multicast for your OSD  image deployments.  If you’re deploying to a lot of machines at the same time then you’ll definitely want to take a look at this: ======== Multicasting is a new feature of… Read more

ConfigMgr 2007: The %SMSDP% variable is not available in SCCM 2007 OSD Task Sequences when Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2008 is integrated

Here’s another cool tip on OSD Task Sequences that Frank Rojas made me aware of.  Is there anything he doesn’t know about these things?  If there is I don’t know what it is. ======== Issue: When using SMS 2003 Operating System Deployment with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) or Business Desktop Deployment (BDD), a variable called… Read more

Supported configurations for using WSUS to distribute Forefront Client Security Definition updates within SCCM 2007

Just a quick FYI on a recent Knowledge Base article we released describing the supported configurations for using the same WSUS instance to support both FCS v1 and ConfigMgr 2007.  I’ll spare you all the gory details other than to point out the basic server requirements here: • There must be a single WSUS server… Read more