OSD Video Tutorial: Part 23 – Nested Task Sequences

This session is part twenty-three of an ongoing series focusing on Operating System Deployment in Configuration Manager. We are posting these a little out of the order that Steven originally recorded them. Don’t worry, the remaining sessions starting with fifteen will continue in our Advanced OSD section.

In this tutorial, Steven explains the nested task sequences capabilities which were added first in the Configuration Manager current branch 1710 release.  He details how the feature works, what to expect and demonstrates a few scenarios.

The video linked below was prepared by Steven Rachui, a Principal Premier Field Engineer focused on manageability technologies. 

This is the last tutorial in the OSD – A Deeper Dive sequence. Join us for the Advanced OSD section next where Steve starts with an overview of advanced concepts.

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OSD Video Tutorial Overview

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  1. _MikeC says:

    Since this is part 23 of this series, can you tell us how many total sessions there are? Upcoming titles would be great too. Loving the series!

    1. Hi MikeC

      I will start the Advanced OSD series next week and I’ve added the upcoming titles for you in the overview post (https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/configurationmgr/2018/07/09/osd-with-configuration-manager-video-tutorial-series-overview/). We have 7 videos scheduled for that series and after that probably two more specifically on OSD and Windows 10.


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