OSD Video Tutorial: Part 9 – Standalone USMT

This session is part nine of an ongoing series focusing on Operating System Deployment in Configuration Manager. This session discusses the User State Migration Tool that is used to migrate User State Data during imaging. The specific focus is on the tool itself, what it does, how it is used and scenarios for us. The goal of this session is to understand the standalone tool so that a later session discussion can turn to how User State Migration is integrated into Configuration Manager.

The video linked below was prepared by Steven Rachui, a Principal Premier Field Engineer focused on manageability technologies.

This is the last tutorial in the OSD Introduction series.  Join us for the OSD Deeper Dive series next where Steve starts with a look at task sequence variables.

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  1. Eoin Connors says:

    Thanks for preparing and posting this very useful series of videos. However i’m a little disappointed that the majority of these videos appear to have been recorded in/around 2014. Technologies like SCCM have experienced alot of change, especially within the past two years. SCCM Image/OSD/TaskSequences has remained largely unchanged, but it should probably be noted on the blog post for context.

    1. Hi Eoin

      Thanks for your feedback. I’ve added a note to about this to the OSD video tutorial overview post here: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/configurationmgr/?p=14155.

      Best Regards

    2. steverac says:

      Eoin, I understand you comment. You are correct that these videos are based on 2012 – at least the initial ones. I recorded them a few years ago. We decided to publish them since the content discussed in these videos hasn’t significantly changed and also we felt the content would be helpful to the community. As we progress through the series you will see some of the later ones are built on more recent builds of ConfigMgr.

    3. Eoin Connors says:

      Hi Yvette & Steve, thanks so much for updating the overview post with this relevant context. I look forward to binge-watching the rest of the series! Thanks again, Eoin

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