OSD with Configuration Manager Video Tutorial Series Overview

Over the next few weeks we will be publishing another video tutorial series on our YouTube channel focused on Operating System Deployment (OSD) with Configuration Manager. These videos have been prepared by Steven Rachui, a Principal Premier Field Engineer focused on manageability technologies.

This series will be divided into 4 main sections, each consisting of multiple tutorials.

  •  OSD - Introductory Sessions for those who are new to OSD. Using Config Manager 2012 to demonstrate, Steve covers all the foundation topics including image capture, task sequencing, driver management and PXE.
  • OSD - A Deeper Dive will get into task sequence variables, USMT and MDT integration, Pre-staged media and nested task sequences in Configuration Manager current branch.
  •  OSD - Advanced Concepts includes optimizing task sequences, UEFI, custom boot images, DaRT, troubleshooting and automation.
  • OSD and Windows 10 discusses servicing options and the imaging options available for Windows 10 in Configuration Manager.

These videos were created several years ago, and Steve uses Configuration Manager 2012 to demo in many of the videos, especially in the earlier parts of the series. The functionality details of OSD have not changed significantly between the 2012 and current branch versions of Configuration Manager. As we progress through the series there will be topics where particular capabilities are version dependent and Steve will note those in his demo environment and in the requirements.

Posts in the OSD - Introductory Sessions 

Go straight to the Introductory Sessions playlist

Posts in OSD - A Deeper Dive

Go straight to the Deeper Dive playlist

Posts in Advanced OSD

Go straight to the Advanced OSD playlist

We hope you enjoy.

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  1. Jamal says:

    Couldn’t find part V to IX. can you please upload..

    1. Hello Jamal, I have just published part five. I’m posting these on a M,W,F schedule. I have found that spacing them out a bit makes it easier for most people to consume. The next three will be published next week.

      Best Regards

      1. Jamal says:

        Thank you Yvette! for swift response 🙂

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