Software Update Video Tutorial Series

I’m pleased to announce that over the next few days, Steven Rachui, a Principal Premier Field Engineer focused on manageability technologies will be sharing a video tutorial series here about software updates.  His topics will be:

We invite you to tune in and enjoy.  Leave us your comments if you would like to see more of these in the future.

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  1. Dean says:

    Hi and thanks for the upcoming videos. Of interest would be the exact and recommended approach to management of Office 365 and Windows 10 servicing options using ConfigMgr. Further to that would be the operational recommendations around the timing of updates for Office 365, Windows 10 and ConfigMgr CB.

  2. qwade says:

    What time will this take place?

  3. kswags says:

    Where do I tune in to enjoy?

  4. kannan says:

    Thanks, will be getting a separate invite for this session

  5. Steve says:

    Any chance this will also include Driver updates and windows store app updates?
    We are looking to manage all the traffic of endpoints and these two new items are a new source of traffic.

  6. Hello Everyone,

    I’ve posted the first video in the series. See the post here I’ve also linked it to the intro post above. I’ll be gathering your comments for Q&A for Steven.


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