Refresh of Update 1706 for System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch)

On July 28th we released version 1706 for the Current Branch of System Center Configuration Manager and made it available for customers to opt-in for early deployments. On August 8th, we updated the 1706 package to address a few issues found during these initial deployments. We quickly noticed that we had a problem with both download and the package. We pulled it and replaced it with a fixed version as fast as we could but a small number of customers still managed to install it during this time window. We have already released a hotfix targeted to those customers to update them to the latest build. This hotfix will be available in the Updates and Servicing node of the Configuration Manager console. For more information, please see:

KB 4039380: Update for System Center Configuration Manager version 1706, first wave

Also, if you have installed the original version of the 1706 update, we will have a hotfix package for you in the coming weeks to bring you up to the latest build.

For assistance with the upgrade process please post your questions in the Site and Client Deployment forum. To provide feedback or report any issues with the functionality included in this release, please use Connect.

Thank you,

The System Center Configuration Manager team

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  1. Abhishek Jain says:

    On July 28th, version 1706 CB was released and it is mentioned here that problem is with version 1706 CB downloaded between August 8 and August 11, 2017. The downloads between 28th July and 8th August are good?

  2. Jason Webb says:

    I am having the issues that this patch is supposed to resolve, but the update is not available for my guid. Is there a plan to release a patch for users who upgraded between July 28 and August 8. Right now, SCCM won’t configure PXE for one of my remote sites, resulting in the inability to PXE boot. I really need to get this resolved. Thanks!

    1. Hello Jason

      There will be an update for original 1706 package. In the interim, Kerwin has posted a workaround for the PXE issue in this forum thread here: Its the reply that is flagged in the thread. Have a look and see if its something you can try.


  3. Henrik Colding Johansen says:

    When will 1706 CB be released world wide?
    I have 1702 on my test invoriment, but cant see the new update.

    1. JEngstrom says:

      Henrik, there is a PowerShell Script that you can use to get in the fast ring of deployment for 1706. Run that, then run check for updates.

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